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Hair - Sing it with me!

In the past month or so I have been thinking about (the horrors) body hair. About the way male and female hair norms are different, what i am personally attracted to and what I want to do with mine.

The double standard on body hair makes me mad. Women should be clean shaven basically any where that hair grows, but men can be as hairy as neanderthals and that's ok. That does not sound hair to me. I know some women like hairy men, and that's fine, as long as no one is being harmed like what you want. I just think that social norms on how people look are silly simply because not everyone wants to look that way, or wants a partner who looks that way.

Personally I like hairless men, amongst other things. I may have to do a post on the things I find particularly attractive...it might be a long one. I like naturally hairless men and men that groom equally. I think that if a man shaves his legs then I am much more likely to get on with him. My mind goes: shaved legs ->oh, he's challenging social norms -> oh he THINKS about social norms -> I should talk to him about social norms. I like people who think you see, particularly about things I think about.

On the same note I like women that don't shave their armpits. It is sexy indeed. I think the otherness of it helps with the attractiveness. Armpit shaving is standard for women. Leg hair is standard for men. When the standard thing happens it means nothing, people are less likely to notice. But if things are changed, then *BAM* People pay attention. Negative comments will come, often in homosexual slurs, and often from the same-sex. And people like me, who like social and gender rule breaking will perk up, talk notice and find the person more attractive for it.

Now I should say I don't shave my legs. I stopped shaving my legs about two years ago. Most people don't seem to even notice (or don't say anything) not even the people I sleep with. A few are all 'Hell yeah! Power to the hairy!' And of course some people don't like it, and to those people I have one question to ask: are you sleeping with me?

If your not then WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE?!?
Seriously? They are my legs, and I like them this way. I don't have to worry about shaving and stubble and regrowth and all the awkwardness that goes along with it. I don't miss the 'Oh my gawd, I picked up and I have stubbly legs' freak outs. Now I just get mild worry of maybe s/he will hate me leg hair (pause) well if they do....oh this brings us to the second option for my 'are you sleeping with me?' question from before.

If you are (or things are going that way) then this is me. This is what I do. Sleep with me hairy legged or not at all. I am stubborn you see. I had one partner with an issue with it, but who did not shave their own legs. They kept on complaining that *my* leg hair was a problem, it was rough and it did not look as nice. Apparently their leg hair was fine though. I offered a compromise, one I would in any such situation: I will if you will.

I would rather not though.

It is not that I love my leg hair. I like it fine, its there, I think its a bit cute, and it makes me proud. Also along practical lines, it saves me money on razors, and time and water in the shower. It is one less thing for my to bother about. Mostly i wear knee high socks anyway so who can really tell. That is not to hide the hair mind you, I just think knee high socks are super cute and warm and I hate being cold.

I think I will leave it there for tonight, lets see if I talk to you soon :)

Merry christmas :)

For Gothic Babes

OMG I am still alive.

They changed the theme on Gothic Babes to party pics, so these are the ones I found without other people in them. Its really hard to find good party pics without other people in them...gosh.

Firstly, sexy fan piccy...it was a burlesque themed party, so here I am sexing it up behind a fan.

+11 party pic, no glamor shots here today boys and girlsCollapse )

White Goth

See I said there would be more pictures.

This is my outfit for the Last Chrome EVER!!! *sob*
(Chrome was the goth night at Toast, and Toast is now closed forever, gone and gutted, so sad)

Oh the shaved head was done the day before and i still have it, i just have to style my hair right...and make sure it has been shaved withing a few days...oh goodness the maintenence.

title or description

I think this is my favorite set so farCollapse )

Lolita 101

Well ages ago, before I stopped updating here I said I was going to do a fashion blog. Well now I am going to pull my finger out and actually do it. I plan to focus on Lolita fashion, its sub-genre’s, the prominent labels and the people who wear and promote them. What I want to do is like a visual handbook of Lolita fashion. I will include definitions, but beyond this first article I don’t think anything will be quite so expansive.

I believe that in fashion what you see is what is important. What the major brands are doing, as well as what people on the street are doing. And Lolita fashion is great for street fashion. It is strangely half home made and half head to toe brand names, with a bit of second had stuff thrown in.

But yes, expect this to be image intensive, with more less text from now on.

My main sources are Wikipedia, Lolita Handbook on Livejournal (http://lolita-handbook.livejournal.com/) and for images http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/ and the websites for the brands.

On to the picture heavy postCollapse )



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