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Back from the great beyond

Look shocked, after 43 weeks so my front page says I make a new post.

I am still messed up, but i have some new issues, but I don't think i will talk much about it here. I am trying to focus on costuming more than anything, and having fun with clothes <3

On the clothing side I have a brand new photo set. I have a whole bunch which have not been put on LJ but this one is brand new from today. Not the best, but it will do for a re-intro.

Merry Christmas

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No Internet

Oh the tragedy, my internet is broken. I am writing this at work. I don’t know when I will be able to update regularily again, but hopefully soon. My poor webcomics list, and cosplay websites. All I can do is what I can get away with at work, so email, the animania forum (there could be important stuff on there) and sometimes small posts here. Hopefully I will be back properly soon.

a little touch from fame

Oh my God, Zack Miller of Joe and Monkey (http://www.joeandmonkey.com/) replied.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!!!!


Anyway, this has given me the drive to get back to the review writing. Expect more in the near future.

Megatokyo Review

Megatokyo www.megatokyo.com by Fred Gallagher

Megatokyo is nearing it’s 1000th strip. This is unsurprising because of its age, it started in 2000 (wow, seven years). But it is still pretty surprising for the fact that Fred is possibly the most unreliable of the successful webcomic artists. And darn is he successful. You can buy Megatokyo in Borders, that’s how popular he is. It is published by DC Comics (originally by Dark Horse).

Everyone who knows about webcomics has at least heard of Megatokyo. It is loved by many, hated by many and frustrates many, many more. I am halfway between love and frustration. It has never managed to get of my webcomic reading list, but there have been some close calls.

There are two reasons for the mixed emotions for Megatokyo. The most obvious is the update schedule, or lack thereof. That is the reason for my not loving it entirely. Sometimes is updates nicely, three times a week, but sometimes....large portions of one update and two art pictures if you are lucky.

The reason why the lack of story updates is a problem is that Megatokyo is story-based. And it is not even just one story centered around one character, but it has story threads for a range of characters. So when it does not update the story regularly then you have me crying out desperately for more Largo/Erika storyline. I love that plotline. :)

The other reason for people not to like Megatokyo is the DRAMA. What good is a webcomic without drama. In Megatokyo’s case it is not the usual rivalry with another comic. Although it has been on the receiving end of many a bashing, Fred has never entered into it. Instead the drama is internal.

Megatokyo was initially created by both Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston. Rodney did most of the writing while Fred drew. It became evident that Fred and Rodney different ideas about what the comic should do. Rodney wanted a comedic strip without a real storyline, while Fred wanted a romantic story-based comic.

The details of the spilt between Rodney and Fred are unclear. Neither have talked about it, but it was not friendly. It is known that Fred bought out Rodney’s share in the comic and ever since has been doing the comic his way.

Well now that I have told you why people don’t read the comic, I had better tell you why they do: It is sweet. Really, that is a major draw. It is a sweet tale about a shy American guy trapped in Japan. There is a nice mix of humor thrown in. Largo is particularly crazy as an obsessed gamer with a lose hold on reality. I wonder what Rodney Caston thinks of Fred’s portrayal of Largo, since originally the character was based on him, as Piro, the shy character is based of Fred Gallagher.

As I mentioned before Largo gets his own romance with Erika, and ex-Idol, now in hiding, working at a game and manga store. It is so very sweet, it takes a skilled hand to make the budding relationship between the obsessive Largo and the jaded and cynical Erika. But it works so well.

Unfortunately I don’t think the same is true for the main romance between the shy Piro and the shy Kimiko. Both characters are sweet and all, but I think they both need to be slapped. I hope Kimiko develops a backbone as she spends more time with Erika and working in the rather frightening voice acting industry. She is showing some hints of a spine, with the way she stood up for fanboy’s on a radio show, and how she did not run away from her masses of obsessed fans. There is hope there.

Occasionally there are side stories which are little one off things with really minor characters. Like anything that features Ed and Dom, two friends who came to Japan together and now work for rival game companies. The attempt to kill each other every time the see each other.

Junpei is also a great character. He is a ninja who remains silent most of the time, but is available for when the boys are in serious trouble and need help that Dom’s firepower cannot deal with. He was introduced when the visa-less Piro and Largo first arrived in Japan. To be allowed entry Largo had to fight Junpei ... in Mortal Combat. Since then Junpei has always referred to Largo as L337 Master Largo senpai.

I was going to write a bunch more about Megatokyo, but this is getting really long, so I am going to cut it here. If you do decide to check out Megatokyo I hope you enjoy it like I do. Just don’t judge it by the first 100 or so strips, wait until the Fred only ones to get a real view of the comic. Enjoy.


I was reading Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed) a weblog by Karen Healey http://www.girl-wonder.org/girlsreadcomics/ This is a really good blog for people who like the idea of gender equality, especially in male dominated areas.

Anyway I was reading along then I got to this:

Yes, fashion can be powerful. It is, for example, a really powerful way of enforcing rigid gender roles and unattainable standards of ideal beauty! It’s very rarely empowering.

It did go on a little more on the negatives of fashion....that makes me mad. I find nothing more empowering than fashion. Clothing is a simple way to express yourself. Everyone expresses them selves through clothes. Unlike art, poetry or music, clothing is easy. People are good at reading the symbols of clothing.

I love this because, well I have never dressed normally. For years I thought there was something wrong with me for not being able to conform with clothing (silly huh?). Luckily since then I have relaxed. Personally I dress to make me happy. I have had as many comments saying things along the lines on “men would like you better if you did not wear that” and just as many saying “your dressing for men”.

Those both annoy me. I dress for me. I makes ME happy to wear low cut tops sometimes. And thigh high stockings and sexualized slogans. It also makes me happy to wear silk blazers, wool jackets, EGA jackets, ruffled high necked shirts and tops covered it kittens and teddy bears.

I dress weird and with no theme and that makes me happy.

The clothing genre you wear shows a lot about you. I personally prefer people who wear either really weird clothes or really comfortable clothes. If someone wears weird clothes it shows that they do not care what people think about how they dress. They are dressing to make them selves happy. They are open to explore new thing and are not stuck in one type of outfit.

People who wear comfortable clothes get just as much respect from me. Again they do not care what people think about how they dress. Instead they dress to be functional. That is insanely cool to me.



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